Ragnaros – from do not want to win

*This is part of stream, so video might be not available afterwards*


While streaming my Hearthstone gameplay – I was fortunate for my opponent to not have any minions on the board to hit his face 100%. With knowing this result, the opponent conceded.

At first, I didn’t want this card but it worked out well in the end with a win.


Mississauga Tour

My best friend’s friend from Korea was staying in Toronto for a while, they also travelled to Ottawa/Montreal/Chicago, etc. She’s going back soon and dropping by Mississauga until her last stay. Since they don’t know anything about Mississauga and knows that I’m home lonely.

I did a little tour guide; except it wasn’t really a tour. We went to Master Steak restaurant near airport for cheap price with big portion. Then, visited Playdium because there isn’t much to do in Mississauga. (at least, I think)

Haven’t been to that place in ages (Playdium), got rid of Initial D and Maximum Tune which was VERY downfall.

Might join them tomorrow in downtown Toronto, or not.

Another busy day upcoming tomorrow, starting with Church young adult group work.

Was kinda looking forward to playing games during the weekend, but being busy is good too. Gotta be active anyways, and I play games everyday during the weekday anyways, HA!

ps. WordPress has become my new Livejournal. Who remembers that?!!!

I just had a flashback

Who else still plays Candy Crush Saga?

I play when I’m bored, either on PC or on mobile. I can’t believe I posted about it when it was “hyped” https://glamorousgamergirls.wordpress.com/2013/01/28/candy-crush-saga/#comment-4304 in 2003. I didn’t play for like a year and (kind of) back into it now at level 323. Yes yes, it’s low… My friends are like at 900s or even higher. And, here I am struggling clearing jellys LOL.

On a side note, I had a job interview today. Don’t think it went well because they weren’t writing down my answers to their questions. Also, it went on for about 30 minutes. I would assume, it would take minimum an hour to do an interview (or at least, that’s what I did when I interviewed people). It is a good opportunity for me, and like the location as well. Let my journey continue.

Long live and prosper.

Update [as of Aug 13, 2015]

“Story of my life”

*warning: it could sound like rant so bare with me*

After getting laid off from Target Canada, my new job was too far away and too stressful due to differences and me-not-getting-along situation. Adding one month experience of administration along with my retail and guest service in all my life.

I could, still, not get a job in what I studied: Hospitality (i.e. hotel management)

Of course, I used my connections but the replies I get are either “we’re not hiring at the moment” or no call-backs from the interview.

With all this happening – yet, I’m still not stressed or too concerned about going forward. This may be because of EI I’m receiving.

So, what is really going on with my life?!

I wake up, play Hearthstone and World of Warcraft (thank God I didn’t re-install Steam).

I do want to stream my gameplays and get donations for extra earning. But, the setting that I’m living in at home isn’t that helpful. I live with Asian parents, my mom goes in and out of my room without knocking like 30 times a day. They will wonder why I’m talking to myself if I stream. And, they’ll tell me to shut up after midnight.

Yes, like I warned… this is a rant.

However, I am applying to places now since September is coming soon. Hopefully, I don’t lose a chance here because I have to wait again until next hiring season.

ps. For streaming: http://www.twitch.tv/c1queen